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A privacy focused space that doesn't limit your social life; share moments with friends and family securely.

Own your Data

A social space where you don't have to sign up or give out any personal information to use it.


With Beepo's End to End Encryption Technology, you can feel safe sharing sensitive information with your closest friends and family.


A prudent question is one-half of wisdom

Beepo is a Blockchain-based social media platform powered by E2EE and an AI/ML algorithm that provides users with a fully independent space in which they can freely engage in free speech, make secure financial transactions, and find new friends.

By entering a username and clicking the "create" button, a user can quickly and easily set up a Beepo profile and begin utilizing the service. Immediately upon account creation, users should back up their Seed Phrase in case they ever need to re-access their account.

The Beepo core contains a multi-chain support feature that enables the integration of various Blockchains. At the time of development, the core blockchains that were integrated were Solana, Binance, Celo, Bitcoin, Polygon, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

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In 2021, over 4.26 billion people were using social media worldwide

Too many social media sites collect, process, and sell user data.

The remarkable expansion of social media has given platforms enormous access to and power over users' lives. Social networking firms collect sensitive information on users' activities, interests, personal features, political beliefs, buying patterns, and online behaviors. In many instances, this data is utilized to algorithmically promote user engagement and to sell behavioral advertising, often with skewed and discriminating effects. The vast stockpiles of personal data that social media platforms gather and hold are susceptible to hacking, scraping, and data breaches, the at-risk data might include location information, health information, religious identification, sexual orientation, face recognition imaging, private communications, and personal photographs, among others.

Why you Need Beepo.


Create memories with friends and family, have meaningful conversations, and complete secure financial transactions on a platform that respects your personal information and data security needs..

Decentralised Wallet

Purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in a risk-free, non-custodial blockchain wallet where you have complete control and access to multiple blockchain networks.


The Beepo Professional profile gives you access to specialized business features ideal for small scale businesses, this include creating sales catalogue, direct sales with clients and other businesses within the app.


Beepo lets you transfer funds to friends and family right from the Direct Messages section of the app, in keeping with the Celo philosophy that users should 'send money to contacts not characters'.

Dapp Browser

Beepo's integrated Dapps Browser makes it possible to safely and privately browse and interact with your preferred Decentralized Applications (Dapps), allowing you to circumvent restrictions and simplify access to the things that are most important to you.


The specialists behind Beepo's UI/UX aimed to create a user experience that was both intuitive and easy to learn so that anyone could start using the product right away..

Truly Private Messaging

Beepo uses end to end ecncryption to keep your conversations secured from third parties.

1:1 Chats and Groups

Communicate with others in your community through private messages, group conversations, and public groups that you can either join or create.


With a simple click of the Beepo button, you can share your most exciting moments with friends and family in the form of video and still images. For the next 24hrs, your contacts can view these shared Moments.

Make your company a success.

Start transforming your customer experience on a decentralised network with Beepo

Sales catalogue

Beepo allows you to quickly list your goods and services for sale, choose your preferred payment token, and begin transacting with customers.

Sales statistics

Beepo business features for professional accounts allows you to easily track your sales, see your profit margin, loss and gains.

Simple, Borderless Payments.

Any user, anywhere in the world, can use Beepo to send and receive payments anywhere in the world, right from their chat.

Multi Chain

In order to facilitate instant and simple transactions, the Beepo Non-custodial wallet was developed to interface with a number of different blockchain protocols..

Send Money to Contacts not characters

Easily send payments to your Beepo contacts without inputing the boring long wallet address

The Only decentralised Application Programming Interface you need

Beepo's application programming interfaces make it simple to incorporate some of Beepo's fundamental functionalities into other applications..


The Beepo core was created for speed and ease of use in mind, making it possible for any developer to quickly and easily access and use our Open Source API and codes..


Maximum performance and security are guaranteed with the Beepo double-layer end-to-end encryption solution.

What our community says.

Beepo is here to stay

the next generation of distributed social media.

The Beepo App will be publicly available for download after the Private BETA version

Our BETA Tester application is closed

Love this! 🥰”

by @CeloOrg

Just found a gem @BeepoApp A Blockchain social media using AI/ML algorithm to tackle Biased censorship, prioritizing anonymity, improving Crypto transactions for individuals and small businesses They hold the future of Social Media 🥰😍”

Crypto Scarlet
by @Crypto_scarlet

With Beepo at the helm, I foresee a world in which everyone of us has full command over our online information and where biased censorship is a thing of the past...”

Hack Angel
by @dehackangel

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What the press has been saying about Beepo!

Beepo App Launches Feature to Secure Messages with Blockchain Encryption

Beepo, a decentralized messaging app, recently launched its messaging feature which will secure all the chats with blockchain encryption.

Bloomberg AUG 25 2022
Beepo App Enables Secure, Decentralized B2B Payments, Messaging

Decentralized messaging app Beepo, which is currently in beta testing, has added a new feature that it said secures all chats with blockchain encryption.

PYMNTS AUG 26 2022
The All-New 'Beepo' App is Here to Take Social Media Privacy to the Next Level

With the rise in popularity of social networks, it seemed difficult that a platform could come up which was capable of competing with the existing networks. However, the upcoming ‘Beepo’ app seems to be just the thing to tick that box off.

Market Watch AUG 19 2022